Naisei #2
"In 'Naisei,' Charlie Navarro crafts an intricate tapestry of inward reflection, a visual poem that probes the essence of the Japanese concept of 'naisei' (内省) — 'looking within.' This collaboration with Aylen Hervaz is more than a photograph; it is an ode to the introspective journey. The silver plate-reminiscent technique bestows upon the image a tangible texture, while the sepia tones evoke the timeless allure of antiquity. Aylen's form, a verse coiled in contemplation, personifies the poetic character; her embodiment is a stanza of meditation, a corporeal echo of introspection. Every aspect of 'Naisei' engages in a silent discourse between illumination and obscurity, the individual and the essence, offering an invitation to the onlooker for introspective pause. The work is a tribute to the poetic resonance of the human condition, with Aylen as the muse guiding this intimate exploration, her pose a manifestation of 'naisei' — the art of looking within."
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Fine Art Photography

Print only (ex. framing)
On Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper
Limited edition of 5
All numbered and hand signed
TAX excluded in price
Shipping excluded in price
Print rolled up
3 Business days for printing
Max. 10 business days for shipping
Framing available upon email request (aluminium black)
All works are non refundable
When other options required, please e-mail the artist directly on

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