Mood Series: Tribal #4
Charlie Navarro and Aylen Hervaz co-produce a photographic work that fusiones fashion & fine arts.
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#fashion + #fineart
Fine Art Photography
We are presented with a portrayal that suggests a pure and primitive essence, a return to the roots of humanity. The artist, with braids that evoke an ancestral connection, assumes a posture that is both vulnerable and powerful. The simplicity of the white background and the earthy texture upon which she sits contrasts with the complexity of her gaze, which challenges the viewer to maintain their attention and decipher the stories woven into her expression.
Here, nudity is not an end in itself, but a means to reveal the authenticity of the human being in its most elemental form. The soft shadows and defined lines of the body become a visual language that speaks of identity, belonging, and the intrinsic relationship with nature and the tribe that each of us carries within.
This work invites reflection on fashion not just as a cultural construct but as an echo of our tribal identities, those that resonate with the rhythms of life and the earth, inviting a deeper exploration of what it means to be truly human.
Print only (ex. framing)
On Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper
Limited edition of 5
All numbered and hand signed
TAX excluded in price
Shipping excluded in price
Print rolled up
3 Business days for printing
Max. 10 business days for shipping
Framing available upon email request
All works are non refundable
When other options required, please e-mail the artist directly on

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