"VOGUE" pays homage to the pioneers Jeanloupe Sieff, Jean Francois Jonvelle, and Helmut Newton, capturing the timeless beauty and genuine elegance of its muse. In her grace is reflected the mastery of those who defined the aesthetics of an era; her figure is a narrative of style and sophistication. The muse, with her immutable poise and contemplative expression, becomes the focal point of a visual dialogue that transcends epochs, embracing the timelessness and distinctive character that these great photographers celebrated through their lenses. The photograph is an ode to the permanence of art in fashion, to the splendor that does not fade with the passage of time.
@aylen_hervaz + @navarro.photo
#fashion + #fineart
Fine Art Photography

Print only (ex. framing)
On Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper
Limited edition of 5
All numbered and hand signed
TAX excluded in price
Shipping excluded in price
Print rolled up
3 Business days for printing
Max. 10 business days for shipping
Framing available upon email request (aluminium black)
All works are non refundable
When other options required, please e-mail the artist directly on carlos@navarro.photo

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