Whispers in Contrast:
A Visual Haiku
“Whispers in Contrast” captures a moment immortalized where light and shadow weave a delicate veil over the subtlety of the feminine, expressed with the clarity and brevity of a haiku. The leaves resting upon the figure convey a visual verse, a silence full of meaning within the minimalism of black and white. This composition, in its bare simplicity, is an invitation to ponder the silent elegance and the poetry of feminine subtleties.
Charlie Navarro and Aylen Hervaz co-produce a photographic work that fusiones fashion & fine arts.
@aylen_hervaz + @navarro.photo
#fashion + #fineart
Fine Art Photography
Print only (ex. framing)
On Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper
Limited edition of 5
All numbered and hand signed
TAX excluded in price
Shipping excluded in price
Print rolled up
3 Business days for printing
Max. 10 business days for shipping
Framing available upon email request
All works are non refundable
When other options required, please e-mail the artist directly on carlos@navarro.photo

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