Dual Mood #1

In "Dual Mood", poetry emanates from the image as if each shadow and every ray of light were woven with unspoken words. Black and white are not just the absence and presence of color, but also the stage of an intimate drama that unfolds in the silhouette of a face and the whisper of another. The overlay of these two states of being is a silent dialogue, a narrative that defies the linearity of time and space.
The direct gaze at the viewer is an invitation to an encounter, a challenge to delve into the depth of a soul, while the blurred profile speaks of mystery, of that other side that we all keep hidden. In this piece, the viewer is called to be both a witness and an accomplice to the inherent multiplicity of the spirit, a dance between the conscious and what hides in the penumbra of the subconscious.
“Dual Mood” becomes a canvas where each person projects their own story, a space where introspection and projection intertwine, leaving an indelible mark on the emotional memory of the observer. It is an exploration of the confines of identity, of the plays of light that reveal and conceal what we are or could become.
@aylen_hervaz + @navarro.photo
#fashion + #fineart
Fine Art Photography
Print only (ex. framing)
On Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper
Limited edition of 5
All numbered and hand signed
TAX excluded in price
Shipping excluded in price
Print rolled up
3 Business days for printing
Max. 10 business days for shipping
Framing available upon email request
All works are non refundable
When other options required, please e-mail the artist directly on carlos@navarro.photo

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